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Rollo de Seda-MarquassHappy Birthday Herr Rebellion!1 week ago   ·  1
Patrick BilleraNice...happy birthday! Extend the birthday bash to Portland OR 😃1 week ago   ·  1
Damien McMillanI hope your leg is feeling better, Rune! Happy Birthday!1 week ago
Mike FindlayHappy birthday Rune you god damn legend1 week ago
Paul von RottenthalerHappy birthday, Rune!1 week ago
Fabrizio RizzuHappy birthday..1 week ago
Jesper SidwallHappy birthday, Rune1 week ago
Kuro NekoHappy Birthday Rune !!!1 week ago
Laurence DickensHurry up with the new album :)1 week ago   ·  3
Turbojugend AberdeenHappy Birthday1 week ago
Pete HoldenThe Man.1 week ago   ·  1
Fabrizia PerinAlles Gute!!1 week ago
Pål RemmanGrattis!!! I'll bet you are happy Mr Green!?!?1 week ago
Agatha Ivy Bulbe🍕🎂🍕1 week ago
Tina Schröder1 week ago
Emma Af Ernvin1 week ago

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Turbonegro har oppdatert profilbildet sitt. ... See MoreSee Less

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Sonny Shakkes TremblayDenim Demons we are!!! Thanks Turbonegro!! This is awesome!3 weeks ago   ·  8
Stephen SmithThis belongs on the list of worst band photos in history.3 weeks ago   ·  7
Randall FitzpatrickHoly shit! I can hardly tell who's the gayest!3 weeks ago   ·  6
Patrick RitchieHelp me understand? Tabarnac!3 weeks ago   ·  4
Jimmy PieschkeI got my penis steamin' and your asshole screamin' HELP!3 weeks ago
Terrence WilliamsToto, we are most definitely not in Kansas anymore.3 weeks ago
Igor Kadumtrbngr role playing <3 :D3 weeks ago   ·  2
J.R. Tackett CAHANK FROM HELL!3 weeks ago   ·  1
André ClaßenWunderschön 😍3 weeks ago
Christos Katsikasterra vibe, malakasa?3 weeks ago
Ralf WesselEvil, in league with satan ! :-)3 weeks ago
Johan ElbeI was the 666th like😈3 weeks ago   ·  1
Victor Laube3 weeks ago   ·  1
Marlin ØvreLækkert! 😜3 weeks ago
Gri GioThis pic rocks! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻3 weeks ago
Mathias Mayrhoferi'm so wet right now...3 weeks ago   ·  1
Christian MaasDeathpünxe in Hünxe!3 weeks ago   ·  1
SirChristopher Paul FardonHalloween already?3 weeks ago   ·  1
Federico La Confusione BallabioSiete pazzi tutti pazzi. Vi amo3 weeks ago
Anarose CabaringNice !6 days ago
Anthony PlenzioYEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!3 weeks ago   ·  1
Pablo Martín del CampoEuroboy?3 weeks ago   ·  1
Chris EichlerChristian Götz das sind se?!:DD3 weeks ago
Jacob BilabelRahel Morgen!3 weeks ago   ·  1

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Hamburg last Saturday.
See you again tomorrow, Germany! #RuhrpottRodeo

(Photo by Jens Hansen)
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Maria MannThere I am!3 weeks ago
Bene VollWe wait for you! Buy rune a new leg!3 weeks ago
Torsten WienholdWar eine geile partty3 weeks ago
Matthias KonermannBe there. Will be erectional:)4 weeks ago
Rebeca GuerraThere we are Miranda Arredondo Marriana 💗4 weeks ago

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That line-up... See you tomorrow, Ruhrpott! ... See MoreSee Less

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Dennis WttrHey Pals, I'm gonna see them the second time in seven days. No Jealousy please :D4 weeks ago
Turbojugend Salt CityMatthias, keep the punkrock alive. And don´t blame your jugends :D4 weeks ago   ·  1
Hannes WahnDonna Promillo meintest du das? Da spielen Mega die geilen Bands Oo4 weeks ago
Dan WarrenWhen are you bitches gunna do Australia?4 weeks ago   ·  1
Kerrie WestonSuper jealous! That lineup is killer!4 weeks ago
Sam Harissholy shit......... damn4 weeks ago
Jimmie ErikssonJisses....3 weeks ago
Den RyanThis looks insane Nicko Duque3 weeks ago
Russell FrisbyGarry Fairclough quick flight to Germany?4 weeks ago
Bruno BöglThomas M. Lang des lineup find i soooo geil :)3 weeks ago
Haydon KraukstsBrad Edwards what a lineup!4 weeks ago
Espen RingstadWickeed wow4 weeks ago
Karl StoddartSpud Taylor holy fuck! Why did I not hear of this?! That line up is sick!!!4 weeks ago
Lucas TedescoRicardo Souza4 weeks ago   ·  1
Scott SmithSean Smith4 weeks ago   ·  1

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❤️Turbojugend❤️ ... See MoreSee Less

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Paula Rififi HirselandNow THAT'S the very definition of Turbojugend spirit. Respect.4 weeks ago   ·  2
Cato André Johansen<3 <34 weeks ago   ·  6
Linda LiljestrõmDedication and I love it! (and him :D ) how to wanna represent all of your friends <34 weeks ago   ·  4
Hannes WahnTurbojugend Rostock da fehlt doch noch ein ganz wichtiger Patch ;-)4 weeks ago
Jennifer Leighlol, I took that photo of Cato!4 weeks ago   ·  12
Ralph FredaTrippy - as if some alien from the 'Twilight Zone' is in the street4 weeks ago
David Debbie BochetteStacie Mechetny starting a patched trenchcoat by chance?4 weeks ago   ·  1
Jono McGeeNosfeROCKtu4 weeks ago   ·  4
Laurence DickensNow that's a zillion dollar sadist4 weeks ago   ·  2
Matt StokesThis rules4 weeks ago   ·  1
Daniel DestroiAndre :D :D :D4 weeks ago   ·  1
Scott BradleyFuck sake.4 weeks ago   ·  3
Baris KlpkForza St. Pauli4 weeks ago
Jeremy Armando CardenasAwesome!!4 weeks ago
Nina Müller-SprafkeFünf Leute bekommen wir doch zusammen , Nora Ben ;-)4 weeks ago   ·  1
Leon ShephardFlasher .4 weeks ago   ·  1
Richard DeshonSomewhere under all those patches is a jacket4 weeks ago   ·  1
Jorge FreaksChaperón klo4 weeks ago
Marco H. Ramirez#classy4 weeks ago
Madeleine BensingNadine #patches ÜBERALL!4 weeks ago
Nico RiotMalte Schön, ist das Rudi im Hintergrund...?4 weeks ago
Nora BenMarina Werner ich will immernoch ne Jugend werden.4 weeks ago   ·  1
Quentin AldhuiCato André Johansen ❤️❤️❤️4 weeks ago   ·  4
Mathias WeidiWer von euch ist noch in wacken ?4 weeks ago
Scott LazarekAnthony Rinaldo4 weeks ago   ·  1

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It’s been over five years now since the word got out that the Titans from The Big O* were re-resurrected for a second time since their grimy beginnings back in 1989. «Hell, not even Jesus could do THAT!» music lovers worldwide were heard to shriek.

Back in the saddle, the band have crisscrossed the globe delighting fans old and new, packing ’em in from LA to Ålesund, Melbourne to Manchester and all points in between.

November 2015 heralded the unveiling of not only the first new music since 2012’s Sexual Harassment but a new member for the group! Hot For Nietzsche found our boys on full throttle, staring the void right in the face and raising a glass to its honour. Rick Kosick (Jackass/Wild Boyz) shot the video on location in Vegas – a suitable backdrop for the debauchery.

The HFN single release show in Oslo saw the stage debut of the newest edition to the denim recruits: Keyboard Wizard Crown Prince Haakon-Marius, a hugely invaluable addition to the line-up, according to Guitar Ubermensch Euroboy: «We’re happy to have a keyboard player back in the band again, six years after Pål Pot Pamparius performed his last show with the band. Crown Prince Haakon Marius is a friend of ours from the Oslo music scene and an amazing musician! We had so much fun getting back in the studio as a six piece, to record new material which the addition of a keyboard-player inspired the songwriting and the production.»

Well, lightning does strike twice, because May 2016 saw ANOTHER new single! Just in time for final exams, Turbonegro unleashed Special Education to the unsuspecting public. A story of a teenage boy’s fall from academic grace and the cruel and unusual discipline he finds at the very bottom, the song was inspired by repeated watchings of Scum and The Story Of O on the tour bus VHS player; «They were the only tapes we had!» Guitarist Rune Rebellion confesses.

Bass player and cultural commenter Happy Tom could not contain his excitement: «A golfer from Phoenix once claimed that school is «out». Norway José, au contraire say we: school is «in»! This saucy tale of sizzling hot sexual abuse will MAKE GOING TO SCHOOL GREAT AGAIN.»

«But why the wait for new material? Why this sadistic tease of your loyal fanbase?» you cry….Vocalist Tony Sylvester AKA The Duke Of Nothing had this to say about the new material «Sexual Harassment was an immediate, aggressive record because it had to be.. We were brimming with bravado and wanted to show the world that we were back. We’d only played three shows together when we went to New York to record it…

We’ve spent the the past 4 years honing our skills, figuring out what packs the best punch from the back catalogue and how to present it in the best way possible.. The music we are releasing now is more distilled, more refined, more pointed: Deathpunk redux? Or Deathpunk deluxe, if you will…»

The two new singles Hot For Nietzsche//Special Education are available on all digital platforms, and on cassette(!) released by tastemaker garage label Burger Records which can be ordered here. The 7″ vinyl is expected later this year.







John Eivind Meland, Mentometer (Norway)

Ryan Harlacher, CAA (North-America)

Rebecca Majors, CAA (Europe, ROW)